10 Things All Time Low Is Thankful For, Including Honey-Roasted Ham

All Time Low gave me a thumbs-up. Guess I can check that off the bucket list!

It's no secret that this blog's got a little thing for All Time Low. We've watched (and rewatched) the boys' acoustic performance of "For Baltimore" maybe 2,000 times, and we may or may not have recently jammed out to their cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors"... in the shower. If that gives you any indication.

Cowritten by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and featuring Acceptance's Jason Vena, All Time Low's brand-new album, Don't Panic, includes favorites such as "The Reckless and The Brave," "For Baltimore," "Somewhere in Neverland," and "Outlines." In support of the album, ATL hit the road for their Rockshow at the End of the World tour. And here's the best part: The dudes invited me backstage for a little chat before rocking out in NYC! After climbing some borderline treacherous stairs in heels (the things I do for my job), I finally arrived in a tiny green room where the boys were waiting to chat with, once again for emphasis, ME!

+ Check out Buzzworthy's interview with All Time Low after the jump where they reveal the 10 things they're thankful for this Thanksgiving, and check out All Time Low's latest, "For Baltimore."

BUZZWORTHY: How are you guys? Welcome to New York! How's the tour been?

ALL TIME LOW: Thanks! We're doing well. We can really feel New York's energy, so that's awesome. We've been on tour since August, so we're a little exhausted. But it's been amazing.

BUZZWORTHY: Before we chat about Thanksgiving, let's talk about some of the collaborations on your current album, Don't Panic. Any favorites?

ALL TIME LOW: You know, when we made this record we were unsigned (although they recently reunited with indie label Hopeless Records) so at the time, there were no record-label politics about who we could and couldn't work with. We just decided to work with people we love. It was awesome. We're of course a little biased towards Cassadee Pope, because she's great and she's Rian's girlfriend (he's ATL's drummer). It was also really amazing to work with Jason Vena from Acceptance. We're massive Acceptance fans. That one is definitely a favorite.

BUZZWORTHY: Got any weird stories from your time on tour so far? Anything bizarre go down?

ALL TIME LOW: Ummm, well, yeah....there was this one time when we were out where this crazy female bartender lit her boobs on fire! For real. She wrapped one of those bendable matches around her chest and lit it on fire. It was honestly crazy.

BUZZWORTHY: C'mon... is that for real? (Sidebar: I still kiiiiind of think they were lying and the "bartender boobs" story is an inside joke between band members, and I'm now kinda sorta half included? Maybe.)

ALL TIME LOW: We're totally serious!!

BUZZWORTHY: Now, without further ado, please, tell us the 10 things you're most thankful for this Thanksgiving.


1. Friends
2. Family
3. The band
4. Our fans
5. Football
6. Being able to tour
7. Sweet tea and vodka (FYI, they made sure I only counted that as one)
8. Football (Yes, they did mention football twice, but this time they specified Baltimore's team, the Ravens!)
9. Honey-roasted ham
10. Cranberry Sauce

And there you have it, folks! All Time Low's "Things I'm Thankful For On Thanksgiving" list. It's just like mine, except without the touring, the fans, and maybe the honey-roasted ham! But that's only because I'm a vegetarian.

Photo credit: Jenna Hally Rubenstein

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