10 Things To Know Now: One Direction + Jonas Brothers’ New Music, Lady Gaga Kisses Donatella Versace + Jay-Z Addresses Haters

Jay-Z takes down haters and Miley Cyrus may play a bad girl in this week's 10 Things To Know Now!

1.) Apparently Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace are total BFFs -- the duo even shared a kiss while Mother Monster was in Italy. We're wondering if this means a Versace meat dress collection is on the way? (Vibe)

2.) Jay-Z may have "99 Problems," but getting mad about what critics say ain't one. The rapper took down haters during a recent performance at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. (RapFix)

3. ) Miley Cyrus' new shorter haircut is pretty edgy, but girl may be getting straight-up dangerous if she decides to play the infamous rebel Bonnie in a new "Bonnie And Clyde" movie. (MTV News)

4.) Can we expect some new Jonas Brothers music as early as next week?! A possible new tune was teased on a recent episode of "Married To Jonas." And THAT is why we LOVE reality television! (MTV News)

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5.) One Direction released the official track listing for their sophomore album, Take Me Home. We can't stop screaming at the top of lungs out of excitement either, guys. You're not alone. (Idolator)

6.) Cher Lloyd dished on her personal style and shared vital tips in a recent interview, like how important it is to bring a lot of underwear on tour. (Sage advice IMHO.) (MTV Style)

7.) Christmas is only 82 days away! And what better way is there to kick off the holiday season SUPER early than by checking out Christina Aguilera's and Cee Lo Green's winter-friendly duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside." (Just Jared)

8.) Listen to this awesome acoustic version of Psy's "Gangnam Style." We'll even give you extra credit if you can pull off the notorious "ride an imaginary horse while whipping your hands in the air" move! (Entertainment Weekly)

9.) After 18 years together, The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl made an official announcement that the band will be going on an indefinite hiatus. That sound you're hearing is the hearts of '90s youth breaking all over the world in response to this SADZ news. (Uproxx)

10.) Britney Spears' four-year-old niece (Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter) dressed up like Aunt Britney for celebrity day at school! We're also relieved that she played it safe with a "...Baby One More Time" Catholic school girl outfit and not the snake get-up from "I'm A Slave 4 U." (Buzz Feed)

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