11 Photos Of One Direction Looking Like PERFECTION On The ‘Today’ Show

One Direction are matching, dapper, and perfect on the "Today" show.

Let's talk, Directioners. Were you PSYCHED BEYOND ANYTHING about One Direction's morning visit to the "Today" show?! Because we were. And so was half of New York City, apparently. Because we don't know if you heard, but One Direction apparently broke a "Today" show RECORD with more than 15,000 fans packing in to see the boy band...which basically makes us feel like THIS. Oh, and what's this about their upcoming 3-D movie?! Is it going to be called "MY AND ONE DIRECTION'S WEDDING"? Never mind.

Anyway. There's just SO much One Direction-related stuff to be excited about right now! In addition to the release of their sophomore album Take Me Home, we've seen 1D getting all cute 'n' vulnerable in their "Little Things" video, posing with some ADORABLE puppies, looking dapper next to gorgeous British models, getting new tattoos, shooting Pepsi commercials in football gear -- you name it, One Direction has done it. But now it's time to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to drool over these perfect, endearing, stunning, fabulous, and every-other-adjective-in-the-thesaurus pictures of 1D's visit to Rockefeller Center where they practically shut down the entire city for a rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful." You're welcome, and here's one of those drool catchers they give you at the dentist.

Check out more pictures of One Direction looking perfect on the "Today" show after the jump!

You can always trust Harry Styles to rock a PERFECT blazer!

Please remind us to remind Zayn to wear PERFECT leather biker jackets more often.

Niall, that is the PERFECT cardigan!

Hey...does this photo remind anybody of that PERFECT scene in "This Is Spinal Tap"?

Extra points for PERFECT coordination, guys!

Hey, did Harry change PERFECT blazers on us?!

Who wants to play "Seven PERFECT Minutes In The Phone Booth"??

Liam has something extremely PERFECT to say, nay, SING!


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