5 Incredible Photos From Justin Bieber’s ‘Today’ Show Performance


Justin Bieber is a man of many faces. Literally, he makes THE BEST facial expressions when he performs. And as you're well aware, Justin performed live on the "Today" show this morning, when he unsurprisingly slayed his performance dead and nailed the crap out of his complicated choreography (as he always does). Accordingly, he made some top-tier facial expressions and unrivaled moves. For example, if you'll direct your attention to the photo above you, you'll see that Justin's doing his best Marky Mark peekaboo undies vintage '90s smolder. (P.S., where's Mark Wahlberg with that Bieber basketball movie?)

There's something incredibly "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" about Justin Bieber here. Which reminds me that we're LONG overdue for an "Ace Ventura" franchise update, and Justin's just the man to star in the reboot.


Justin's all like "Yes I DID write a song about Mariah Yeater. So WHAT?" Hashtag, sheepish grin!

+ Check out more photos of Justin Bieber on the "Today" show after the jump!


Unless you can levitate like David Copperfield, then you're not entitled to make this face.


The funny thing about this photo is that Justin is actually suspending himself in midair (see above photo) using the powers of his mind. His backup dancers are just there for show. Now you know! Swag.

Credit, all photos: Getty Images

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