5 Weird Music Moments You Probably Missed At The 2012 MTV Movie Awards (PHOTOS)

Are you guys still scrubbing the creepiness off of you after seeing The Black Keys show up to the MTV Movie Awards in those TERRIFYING adult baby mask things? Because we are. The Akron, Ohio rockers decided to continue the creep show after revealing their Harmony Korine-directed "Gold On The Ceiling" video last week, wearing the same weirdo baby outfits from the video to the Movie Awards. While we're decidedly terrified, we're also decidedly even bigger fans now. Do like The Black Keys, y'all -- get weird. (Also, is that a Dan Auerbach or Paul Giamatti doing an Dan Auerbach impression? I'll probably never know.)

The Black Keys weren't the only ones who got weird at the MTV Movie Awards. In between our repeated viewings of Emma Stone's FLAW-FREE acceptance speech for her Trailblazer Award, we were also in a semi-permament OMG-face situation at the rest of the craziness caught on film -- i.e. Vanilla Ice's "WIDE OPEN" knuckle tattoo, which has us both wildly intrigued and wildly uncomfortable at the same time.

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We never really thought we'd see Johnny Depp holding a golden popcorn statue while standing next to two-fifths of Aerosmith after performing with The Black Keys and receiving the Generation Award, but stranger things have happened. (See: The first photo in this blog post.) Also, please note, the combined age of these three men is 173. Just like, really stop and think about that.

One requirement for being friends with LMFAO and Wiz Khalifa: hand gestures, red shoes and glasses of some kind must be worn. Side note: We think we've seen just about enough of RedFoo's armpit hair at this point. The dude can pose with his arms down from here on out -- we won't mind.

Here's a sentence we've typed before: Janelle Monae FTW. The ever-adorable lady-tuxedo-wearing fun. collaborator does her best Heisman Trophy impression on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. So much cooler than the "skinny arm," girl. Way to be.

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