According To New Home Videos From Britney Spears, She Definitely Has The Best Life Ever (VIDEOS)

It's not like we had to remind you that Britney Spears' life is cooler than yours, but thanks to three new personal Viddy videos, we now have yet another cold, hard reminder that we will never, ever live Britney's life.

First up is a beyond-adorable video that Brit's fiance Jason Trawick filmed for her IN BED. Get your mind out of the gutters though, people -- Jason grabbed his phone and recorded a mini video really quick to let his pop star girlfriend know that he's super proud of her after her first week at "X Factor." Oh, and that she should get back in bed so "they can go to sleep." SWOON.

Britney got her Viddy on too when she posted a clip she titled "My Motorcycle Man" -- it's basically 15 seconds of Britney adoring her hot hunk as he rides away on his motorcycle to pick up lunch for the fam. A bad-ass with family values? Again, swooning. There isn't much going on in Brit's last Viddy update except for the fact that she looks absolutely stunning, goddess-like, perfect, etc. In the 10-second clip, Britney is sitting in a hot pink dress saying "Hi" to all of her fans while she preps for her "X Factor" judging debut.

I'm loving that Britney's sharing these super spesh moments with me... and her 17 million other Twitter followers.

Watch three home videos from Britney Spears after the jump.

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