Activision considering all franchises for mobile

VP of Mobile Greg Canessa says publisher not ruling out any of its "350 different brands" for smartphones and tablets, believes company has great opportunity to innovate in action genre.

There is not a single franchise at Activision that the publisher has ruled out for a mobile game adaptation, the company's mobile vice president, Greg Canessa, told CVG in an interview published today.

"We have a rich thirty-year history from the Atari days to the Blizzard merger. We have about 350 different brands and IPs to work with," he said. "That's legacy IP, that's triple-A IP, and that's licences with other companies."

Canessa did not name any Activision properties that are in development for mobile, but did explain how the publisher will go about seeking out franchises to adapt to mobile games.

"Our strategy comes back to the gamer," he said. "We are asking ourselves: What will be the most fun, attractive, and interesting Activision property for the mobile gamer? Some IP probably maps better to mobile devices, but mobile allows for all kinds of genres. It's a broad fertile field for game creators, unlike social games. So we're not ruling out any IP."

Canessa claimed there is a lack of "great" action games on mobile, due to "user interface issues." The executive said he believes there is a great opportunity for the publisher to innovate in that genre.

Activision recently established the Activision Mobile business unit and founded The Blast Furnace, a United Kingdom-based developer dedicated exclusively to building mobile games. This studio is led by former Rockstar developers Mark Washbrook and Gordon Hall. The studio's first game, a reimagining of Atari's Pitfall, was released on iOS earlier this month.

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