Adam Lambert Brings A Leather Fringed… Arm Thingy & General Bad-Assery To Vietnam (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert wears amazing leather fringe to his performance in Vietnam.

Remember when Adam Lambert got to hang with Jordin Sparks, hug Kelly Clarkson, and nailed his hosting duties on VH1 Divas? Do you also remember when he dropped Trespassing, performed with Queen, and pretty much ruled the world without ever once smudging his expertly constructed smokey eye makeup? Not that these memories have anything to do with Adam's recent performance in Vietnam, but as devoted GLAMBERTS, we enjoy celebrating everything Adam and want to use the aforementioned anecdotes as leverage to make the following prediction: Adam is this close to taking over the entire world.

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer recently shared THIS photo via Twitter (instead of ranting about "Les Miserables," though as "Les Mis" fans, we wholeheartedly agree with Adam's opprobrium), and it is our everything. That's because the photo is an up-close shot of Adam doing exactly what he does best (delivering EPICNESS) as he makes his official stage debut in Vietnam. Not only that, but Adam's introduced us to our new must-have accessory for 2013: a leather-fringed arm warmer jacket thingy! Here's another safe prediction: dressing like a Glampire and platinum blonde hair is so 2012, guys. This year is all about world domination and fringe (searches frantically for lost Minnetonka moccasins) -- you heard it here first.

Photo credit: @adamlambert

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