AFi Pre- #ToyFair2015 Exclusive Reveal: @DCCollectibles ‘New Batman Adventures’ ROXY ROCKET

Its no secret that my most anticipated line of 2014 was the DC Collectibles line based on both Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.  Wave 1 is out in stores now and wave 2 should be hitting the direct market shortly.  DC Collectibles has solicited the figures up through wave 4 and we hope to see even more new reveals next month at NY Toy Fair.

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One figure that has not officially solicited yet, but has been heavily hinted at is Roxy Rocket.   We learned of the probable inclusion of Roxy last year at the press-only DCC Pre-Comic Con event in San Diego.  At that event there were many new product reveals and one table of items that press could talk about but not photograph.   In the center back of that table was a lone rocket on a stand.  No figure included and no other information about it provided.  It stumped everyone else in the room, but I knew what it was.  We broke the news of her inclusion in the line on!

And NOW, 6 months later we get to reveal the figure and accessories here on AFi!!!

Roxy Sutton aka Roxy Rocket was originally created in 1994 for The Batman Adventures Annual #1 comic book.  Roxy made her animated debut on The New Batman Adventures animated series in the episode “The Ultimate Thrill” in 1998 and was voiced by Charity James. Shortly thereafter, Roxy appeared in “Knight Time“, in the “sister” series Superman: The Animated Series. Roxy later had several other appearances in comic books based on the “Timm-verse” animated DC shows. In 2006, the character was introduced to the main DC Universe.

Roxy Rocket’s origin story was that she was a stunt person in Hollywood. However, she lost her job after she tried to make her stunts too dangerous for any company to insure her. Out of work, but still hungering for thrills, Sutton began stealing jewels for Batman villain The Penguin.  That’s when she ran into the caped crusader and mistakenly took him for a fellow thrill seeking instead of a force of justice.

While Roxy was always a favorite villain on the show and to Dini and Timm, there was never an action figure made of her in the Kenner Batman animated line, or any other DC action figure line.  DC Collectibles is bringing us her plastic debut as the first ever deluxe figure in their animated Batman line.

Here she is:


Why deluxe?  Well, what is Roxy without her rocket?    As you know DCC is filling this line with episode specific accessories, and Roxy is no exception.   The rocket has lights included and Roxy also comes with her flare gun, electro gun and a big ole’ wrench to wail on Batman and get him off of her ride!

Roxy’s stats below lists her at a whopping 21+ points of articulation!   Just looking at her I count about 14 points, so I can’t wait so see the actual figure at Toy Fair and see the rest.  Maybe she’ll have a point of articulation in her visor since she wears it up and down in her episodes.


Thank you to the gang at DC Collectibles for letting us debut this awesome addition to our favorite line.

We’ll have LOTS of new news and pictures in just a few weeks when we hit New York Toy Fair so stay tuned to AFi!


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