Album Premiere: Amanda Mair, ‘Amanda Mair’

Amanda Mair

Listen to Amanda Mair's wise-beyond-her-years debut album.

We've clued you in to the radness of Amanda Mair, so you already know you need to put on your headphones and lock down the rest of the day for this one. The Swedish 17-year-old singer's self-titled debut is full of dramatic, keyboard-backed pop that'll break your heart right on the dance floor. Like every other young electro-pop lady singer, Mair's been compared a lot to Kate Bush, a fact she made fun of with a "Who is Kate Bush?" sign in her "Sense" video. Amanda Mair definitely nods to the legendary singer-songwriter's '80s mega-jams, but the teenager's got a full iPod of influences.

Listen to Amanda Mair's self-titled debut album after the jump.

The clap-along beat of "Sense" gets all Feist-y, while the smooth hooks of "It's Gonna Be Long" shimmer with Fleetwood Mac vibes. Opener "Said and Done" does that effortless Swedish dance-pop thing that the country's been crushing since ABBA. Mair shows her softer side, too, sitting at the piano for the hushed ballads "You've Been Here Before" and "Skinnarviksberget." "I have a bottle of wine and a blanket that I'd like to share with you," she croons in the romantic latter track, but she's not afraid to drop some real talk: "I'm not in love with you," she declares on "What Do You Want."

At 17, it sounds like Mair's already had a lifetime of love to draw upon -- she and Taylor Swift should have the most talented sleepover ever and compare notes. Or start an advice column! The album's out June 5 on Labrador Records, the on-point label behind bands such as the Radio Dept. and Acid House Kings. Dig in below.

+ Listen to Amanda Mair's Amanda Mair, and check out her "House" video.

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