Album Premiere: J. Pinder, ‘Careless’

Don't sleep on J. Pinder. Preview his soon-to-be-released debut, Careless.

We're only gonna say this once: Do not sleep on J. Pinder. The 23-year-old Seattle-based emcee is about to drop Careless, his debut full-length album, and we'd venture to say that by this time next year the dude will probably be a household name. It's not like he hasn't had his fair share of celebrity either: J. has appeared on records with some of Seattle's hip-hop royalty (Jake One, Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh) and is about to embark on an East Coast tour with Talib Kweli. NBD or anything.

Listen to J. Pinder's  Careless album after the jump. 

Co-produced by Pinder and Martin Feveyear, Careless is a solid eight-track set. And you're in for a wide variety of tunage on those eight tracks -- one minute we think we're listening to Drake, and the next, we're fully convinced it's Robin Thicke. "Never No," the album's opening track, boasts a duet with Dice and some background vocals that sound like they were lifted straight from the opening riff of Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)." Mad soul right there. The Jake One-produced cut, "Jet Stream," shows a simpler side of Pinder rhyming over a lo-fi track lead by a haunting bassline. J.'s rhymes are poignant and pose larger questions about morality, oppression, and how to rise above all the frustrations that life throws our way.

J. Pinder's Careless is out May 29 on Fin Records.

Listen to J. Pinder's album Careless.  (Language NSFW.)

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