Austin Mahone Finally Met Justin Bieber, Worlds Collide (PHOTO)

YouTube sensation Austin Mahone got to meet THE BIEBS!!!

Some people are calling him "Baby Bieber," but if it's cool with YouTube sensation Austin Mahone, we're just gonna go ahead and call him the kid who just MET Bieber. He actually touched the king of swag himself!!

If you don't know who Austin Mahone is yet, then here's a quick 411: At just 16, singer-songwriter Austin Mahone is basically on track to be the next well, Bieber. Sorry, but it's true. Like Kidrauhl, Austin Mahone came up on YouTube. The kid's already got a preposterous number of Facebook and Twitter followers, and his forthcoming New York show sold out in minutes. He scored a major hit on iTunes with his first original single, "11:11," and his latest latest record, "Say Somethin,'" was cowritten by none other than Mike Posner and Bei Maejor. Oh, and he's opened for Adam Lambert. Not even legal, and he's already rolling deep with celebrities. Oh yeah, AND GIRLS PAY HIM TO SING TO HIM.

So how'd this kid get to pose in a pic with Justin Bieber? Austin stopped by Z100's Elvis Duran Show this morning in New York. While there, Austin just happened to bump into Justin Bieber who was also doing press at the radio station. Naturally, the two pop stars posed for a pic, and Austin's life was made forever. No really, he actually said it was the best day of his life. It'd totally be the best day of our life, too.

We'll now leave you to wonder if Justin Bieber is magically transferring his YouTube fame onto Austin just by virtue of making hand-to-hand contact. If anyone's got that kind of power, it's Justin. (Or Chuck Norris.)

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