‘Avengers’ Captain America Sees Bromance Potential With Agent Coulson

Chris Evans tells MTV News, 'There's a history there; there's a respect.'
By Kara Warner

Chris Evans as Captain America In "The Avengers"
Photo: Walt Disney Studios

With each passing day, we inch closer and closer to the U.S. release date of "Marvel's The Avengers," this summer's next big thing. Thanks to a slew of positive reviews and impressive box office numbers overseas, we're pretty sure we know enough about the film to be both excited and highly optimistic about what we'll see onscreen.

But not so much that we aren't loving reading and watching everything the cast has to say about the film, like Scarlett Johansson's hope for more Black Widow and Hawkeye action and Chris Evans' thoughts about who his isolated and slightly lonely Captain America would look to for friendship.

"I'd say [Agent] Coulson (Clark Gregg), because I think he looks up to Cap. There's a history there; there's a respect," Evans told MTV News. "It felt more of a common ground. Everyone else in the film is coming from such [different places]. [Bruce] Banner has been off the grid, Thor is from another world, Iron Man does his own thing. It just felt like Coulson was the one welcoming into the group."

Although Captain America and Thor aren't necessarily best friends in the film, it's obvious that Evans and his co-star Chris Hemsworth bonded during filming, particularly over the fact that they both had to adhere to strict diet and exercise regimens to stay in their characters' impressive fighting shape. We asked the actors to reveal how many fun calories they actually consumed on a daily basis to do so.

"It's not the fun calories," Hemsworth explained.

Evans chimed in: "It's not donuts and pizzas."

Hemsworth insisted, "It's dried chicken breasts and brown rice and broccoli. Try eating 10 of them a day; that combination is not fun."

And while those foods are definitely healthy, Hemsworth is right: They're not fun.

Check out everything we've got on "Marvel's The Avengers."

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