Backstreet Boys Are BACK (Alright!) At The 2012 American Music Awards (PHOTO)

Backstreet's BACK at the 2012 American Music Awards!

We know we've said it before, but we really need to say it again -- BACKSTREET'S BACK (ALRIGHT!). While watching the 2012 American Music Awards, there was a lot of talk about One Direction and a rather falsetto performance by The Wanted, PLUS Justin Bieber may or may not have owned the entire world with his three awards and AH-mazing performance of "As Long As You Love Me," but we feel the need to point out that the other, original singers of "As Long As You Love Me" (different song, same title) showed up to the AMA stage as well! Yes, we are talking about Backstreet Boys. Aka BSB. The originals. (Unless you want to get really nerdy about it and give New Kids On The Block that title, but eh, technicalities.)

Sure, they might've been surrounded by Directioners and Beliebers that night, but A.J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, and Kevin Richardson looked as handsome as ever (and way better dressed than the early '00s, we might add). Could it be that they're as psyched about their new song "It's Christmas Time Again"/the holiday season as we are? Aaaand we owe somebody on the AMA staff a letter of thanks or a fruit basket. Maybe both.

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