‘Battleship’ Vs. ‘What To Expect’: Brooklyn Decker’s Double Feature

With model-turned-actress in two movies opening the same day, we look back at (and forward to) other stars' box-office twofers.
By Amy Wilkinson

Brooklyn Decker in "Battleship"
Photo: Universal Pictures

If you have a thing for busty blondes, we suggest you pencil a double feature into your weekend plans, seeing as model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker stars in not one, but two movies opening Friday: the blow-'em-up action flick "Battleship" and the pregnancy rom-com "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

In the Decker vs. Decker showdown, box-office analysts seem to agree that "Battleship" will sink "What to Expect," though it's unlikely either will unseat reigning superheroes of the cinema, "The Avengers," who are eyeing their third first-place weekend. Nonetheless, having two films open on a single day is a neat distinction for the 25-year-old actress, though one that's not as rare as you might think. Here are a cluster of stars who have pulled theatrical double-duty (or are set to):

James Franco
Nowadays, you can't shake a stick at pop culture without James Franco fetching it, but back in the early aughts — following the cancellation of the beloved "Freaks and Geeks" — Franco wasn't nearly so ubiquitous. Yet he still managed to star in two films opening May 3, 2002: "Spider-Man" and "Deuces Wild." We probably don't need to tell you which one snagged all the dollars at the box office that weekend.

Christian Kane
Big-name stars aren't the only ones holding a pair. You may recognize Christian Kane from the TNT heist series "Leverage," or you may know him from a duo of 2004 film roles. On October 8 of that year, he appeared in the film version of "Friday Night Lights" and the Queen Latifah/ Jimmy Fallon comedy "Taxi."

Dakota Fanning
No one saw Dakota Fanning in two films opening February 6, 2009, technically speaking, but that's only because one was animated. The pint-size actress flexed her supernatural skills in the action flick "Push," while letting her vocals do all the work as the titular heroine of "Coraline."

David Koechner
Another actor dabbling in both animation and live-action on a single release date is David Koechner. The "Anchorman" actor hit the pit crew in Will Ferrell's "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and channeled his inner-animal as the voice of a coyote in the animated "Barnyard," all on August 4, 2006.

Samuel L. Jackson
The most recent two-for-one special comes courtesy of the prolific Samuel L. Jackson, whose "Avengers" continues to hammer the competition. But did you know his crime drama "Meeting Evil" (based on the novel by Thomas Berger) also opened May 4? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Channing Tatum
Maybe it's a sign of the apocalypse (or, at the very least, a trend) that four actors had or will have two movies opening on the same day in 2012. Like Decker, Tatum is hitting nearly every demographic with his titillating twofer. On June 29, the 32-year-old will suit up as Duke for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and strip down as an exotic dancer for "Magic Mike."

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio's Christmas present to America this year is himself. Twice over. The actor stars in two films opening December 25: "The Great Gatsby" and "Django Unchained." Which one will egg-nog-fueled audiences choose to unwrap? Only Santa knows for sure.

Check out everything we've got on "Battleship" and "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

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