BESTIE ALERT: Rihanna And Katy Perry Are BFFAE At The 2012 MTV VMAs (PHOTOS)

Katy Perry thinks Rihanna's got that "One Thing."

New Bestie Alert, guys! Well, not so much as an "alert," but maybe more like a "HELLO, DUH," because obviously Katy Perry and Rihanna are besties! We've just wrapped an incredible 2012 MTV VMAs, and in addition to a ton of killer performances, Katy and Rihanna's BFF-ness was on full display! Or in simpler terms, if the VMAs had an award for most adorable pop star BFF duo, Katy and Rihanna would be the obvious winners. Or let's call them Kihanna. Or Raty. Or Rihaty. You pick.

Check out more GIFs of Katy Perry and Rihanna being besties at the 2012 MTV VMAs after the jump.  

As you probably already know because you're loyal Kihanna Stans (I thought that was the best option), Rihanna and Katy have been on the BFF train for a minute now. We included them in our "aww"-worthy Pop Star BFFs gallery, seen them party together at Coachella, and finally: when Katy Perry was asked if she'd ever collaborate with Rihanna, she gave an answeronly a true bestie would: "No, but we're gonna have sex." Like, if that doesn't say #BFFAE4LYFE, then we honestly don't know what does.

Leg touching = besties!

Total Glamor Shot, could very much have been taken at the mall.

OMG RIDIC PIC. Get Rih a prop STAT!

+Watch Rihanna perform "Cockiness" and "We Found Love" with A$AP Rocky.

GIFs courtesy of T. Kyle / @tkylemac from the RealityTVGIFs Blog
Photo credit: Getty/Picture Group/John Shearer

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