Beyoncé Dominates At Pool! Are You Surprised? (VIDEO)

Guess what, guys: Beyoncé isn't just a perfect dancer, singer or award-winning journalist -- the girl will also kick your ass at pool. And you thought the superstar would be too busy taking over the world to pick up mad skillz as a billiards baller. Pshh. (That whole diva is a female version of a hustler thing takes on a whole new meaning now.)

Beyoncé's homemade "How to Play Pool" video includes black-and-white footage of a younger Bey -- we're not exactly sure when the clip was filmed-- enjoying a game with a friend at a pool hall along with some hilar step-by-step instructions on how to win at pool just like the "Party" singer. Scenes catch Beyoncé talkin' smack, serving goofy faces and even showing off a perfectly choreographed victory dance (obvs).

While we're really not surprised that Bey kills it at pool (she wins at EVERYTHING in life), we're actually more surprised nobody in that joint is flipping their ish over the fact that Beyoncé's IN THE SAME ROOM AS THEM. We're also wondering if Bey currently offers private pool tutoring -- geometry was never our thing.

Watch Beyonce's "How To Play Pool" video after the jump!

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