Beyonce (Kinda) Teaches Us How To Dance In Three Easy Steps (PHOTO)

Beyoncé shows us how to move in her latest Instagram photo.

Leave it to Beyoncé to turn her new Instagram account into a step-by-step dance guide -- THIS is what the photo app was designed for guys, not pictures of your food (no seriously, can y'all stop showing us pictures of your dinners?). We are seriously THIS close to formally asking the app's creators to change the name of Instagram to Beyoncégram, because she very clearly runs the world IRL and digitally.

The "I Was Here" singer shared the photo of her giving us some fashionable moves on Beyoncégram. (OK, Instagram, but see, it works so well!) We know she's probably just snapping cute poses in each panel (in some STELLAR leather pants), but because it's Bey, and everything she does is pure art, we prefer to think of these pics as Bey showing us what new moves we should be practicing. We need to get ready now since she's back in the recording studio!

But for real, can someone get to making a "Learn To Dance Like Beyoncé" phone app? That way we'll have a handy guide available to help us flawlessly execute our "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" moves at every wedding reception we attend.

Photo credit: @baddiebey

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