Beyonce Looks Flawless DOMINATING Her Atlantic City Concerts (PHOTO)

Beyoncé shares photos from her Atlantic City concerts from this past weekend on her Tumblr; we die.

Since my idea of going as a fake refreshments vender to sneak into one of Beyoncé's sold-out concerts in Atlantic City failed this weekend, all I have to go on are reviews and photos from the event. Thankfully, the "Love On Top" singer is the most charitable woman we know (besides MICHELLE OBAMA, WHO WAS AT THE SHOW!) and decided to share some of her own favorite concert moments on her Tumblr -- we 're especially living for this flawless/hilarious photo of Beyoncé dressed as a Vegas showgirl. That face totally screams, "Why do y'all look so shocked that I only had a baby five months ago? I'm BEYONCÉ." PUH-LEASE.

It's safe to assume the pics don't do a Beyoncé concert justice, but it's nice to have a few new images to print and stick onto our dream boards in the hopes that we can snag a chance to see her perform in the near future. Or just grow up to be her. One or the other.

+ See what Beyoncé wore in Atlantic City, and watch Beyoncé fans in Atlantic City fuh-REAK out accordingly.

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