Beyond Good & Evil 2 making slow progress

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirms long-awaited game remains in development, but Michel Ancel more focused on Rayman Legends.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 remains in development, but is not longtime Ubisoft developer Michel Ancel's main focus. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Polygon that Ancel is currently busy with a number of projects, and his work on other games, like Rayman Legends, is slowing development on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

"What's very important is that Michel Ancel is kind of doing too many things at the same time," Guillemot said. "He was working on Rayman Origins last year, and he's working a lot on Rayman Legends this year. So, you know, when he does that, he kind of puts too much of his time on the other projects that he has."

Ubisoft and Ancel are committed to bringing Beyond Good & Evil 2 to market, Guillemot said, but the game may not arrive for some time.

"So the fact is, that working on Legends is slowing the process on Beyond Good and Evil 2," Guillemot added. "It's really a game that we've been working, we have worked on, and is a game that we want to do. But there are so many things that have to be done that, you know, this one is going to come in line at one point, but at the moment Michele is really on Rayman Legends."

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a sequel to Ubisoft's 2003 original action adventure game. It was revealed in 2008 and currently has no release date whatsoever. Concept art for the game leaked last year following comments from Ubisoft producer Wang Xu, who told gamers to "keep the faith" for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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