Brace Yourselves: One Direction Has Unveiled The Cover Art For ‘Little Things’ (PHOTOS)

One Direction unveil the cover art for their Ed Sheeran-penned song, "Little Things."

Remember when we said you would have the "best day ever" when Fabulous magazine gave each One Direction member their OWN individual magazine cover shot? Well, today is "best day ever" part deux, because not only has 1D unleashed the group shot cover art for their forthcoming single "Little Things," but each member got his own album cover too! That makes a whopping total of SIX new One Direction-themed images for you to print out and use as custom wallpaper for your bathroom! Or ceiling. Whichever.

Check out the cover art for One Direction's "Little Things" after the jump.

Penned by Ed Sheeran, "Little Things" will be the "Live While We're Young" crooners' second single from their upcoming album, Take Me Home. And DUH, we totally anticipate "Little Things" going to No. 1 on the charts in about, oh, five minutes. No word on what the tune actually sounds like (we'll keep you posted!), but we trust Ed (who did a bang-up job with Taylor Swift on their recent collab), and we certainly trust any and and all dudes as attractive as One Direction, so case closed. "Little Things" is bound for glory. With that said, who's up for a group outing to Staples to print, laminate, frame, and repeat?!

 Photo credit: Syco

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