‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Teaser Trailer: Experts And Fans React

Ten-second clip left fans wanting to see more of Bella in her new vampire body.
By Kara Warner

Robert Pattinson in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"
Photo: Summit Entertainment

Who else set their alarms for an early wake-up in order to see the brand-new "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" teaser trailer this morning? We got a full 10 seconds of teaser and are very pleased to have seen a brief glimpse of Bella in action as a super speedy vampire, as well as quick cuts to our favorite leading men, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, looking all happy and handsome. We're hoping for a lot more of that in the full-length trailer, among other things.

But enough about us, what did our trusted "Twilight" experts have to say about the early-morning sneak peek?

"All of the Team Edward and Team Jacob fans should be happy, but 'Breaking Dawn' is really all about Team Bella," said Kallie Mathews of TwilightSeriesTheories.com. "Consider me 'teased'!"

Twilight Lexicon's Laura Byrne-Cristiano also appreciated the very short seconds of tease but, like most of us, was left wanting more.

"Ten seconds wasn't really enough to capture anything. We did see Bella running through the trees, but we couldn't see her face in that brief snippet," she said. "So, we got only a little of the Bella with vampire powers that I was hoping for. It was nice to see a reaction of Jacob and Edward to Bella, but I really would have been more satisfied if Bella herself (in particular her facial expressions) was more in the shot. I'm hoping we actually get to see her and not just her point of view in the full teaser."

Seeing vampire Bella has all us fans excited, but of course there are those who will never get enough of Edward Cullen. When we asked fans to tweet us their reactions to the teaser, we received a lot of love for Pattinson's beloved character as well as requests for more vampire Bella.

@bellalorenza_ and @sherriatl want more of RPattz, whereas @catprodd requested the trailer "bring on the new vamps" that make their debut in part 2. @theLynsJ is all about the new vampy Mrs. Cullen. "Bella running through the woods," she tweeted about her favorite part of the teaser. "I can't wait to see her do vampire-y things!"

What are you hoping to see in the full-length trailer for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"? Leave your comment below!

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