Britney Spears Has A Split Personality In Her ‘Fantasy Twist’ Fragrance Ad (PHOTO)

Choose your fantasy with Britney Spears' "Fantasy Twist" fragrance.

Truthfully, I haven't yet gotten a whiff of Britney Spears' "Fantasy Twist" fragrance, but if her new perfume smells as good as it looks, then it's about to become #MyScent4lyfe.

You've seen Britney's behind-the-scenes Cleopatra-themed moment from her "Fantasy Twist" campaign shoot and the alluring "Fantasy Twist" fragrance commercial in full. Now, we've got the official campaign photo and obviously, it ties the whole pretty package together perfectly.

Read more about Britney's "Fantasy Twist" after the jump.

Shot by famed photog Ellen von Unwerth, the print campaign plays off the many different roles Britney assumed in the "Fantasy Twist" TV commercial. The fragrance combines two of Britney’s best-selling scents, "Fantasy" and "Midnight Fantasy," into one bottle (hello, BOGO/ two-fer savings!), and the fragrance ad is a hat-tip to the product's dual scent options as Britney poses as both Cleopatra and a vamp, even further enunciating campaign's "Choose Your Fantasy" tag line. (I assume that's an unintentional Ludacris reference, by the way.) But you know what? I can't choose one Britney over the other. I can't do that to Britney! So I'm going with both. Because this Britney Stan chooses her own destiny.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Arden

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