Britney Spears Is Giving Us ‘Baby One More Time’ Schoolgirl Flashbacks In Lucky Magazine (PHOTO)

Britney's old-school stance in Lucky mag is giving us "Baby One More Time" flashbacks.

Look, who can discuss things like impending frankenstorms when BRITNEY SPEARS has landed the December 2012 cover of Lucky magazine, (cue up "Lucky," if you haven't yet), and inside the mag, she's channeling her schoolgirl style of yore? Britney looks fabulous, and the vengeful, Taylor Swift-ish part of me can't help but wonder if her stunning cover was perfectly timed to match Justin Timberlake's bride-jumping cover of People magazine.

Take a closer gander at this sweet-sexy look from her Lucky photo shoot, and then turn back a page in your Brit-story books, and you'll notice that this could be a sly nod to her "Baby One More Time" schoolgirl roots. The midriff and short skirt are basically the grown-up version of her iconic Catholic schoolgirl look. Like, say hello to the girl Britney IS! And let us all tiny clap Britney-style to celebrate the fact that almost 15 years later, Britney's STILL GOT the schoolgirl thing on lock. (Isn't she LUCKY?) Personally, I'm flexing my most aspirational abs whilst moving my forearms vertically rapidly in front of my face. Not that I've practiced that move at length since 1999... Well, not today, anyway.

Check out Britney Spears' Lucky magazine cover and watch Britney videos after the jump.

+ Watch Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" and "Lucky" videos. Because it's Friday. And you're young. And alive.

Photo credit: Ben Watts/ Lucky

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