Britney Spears Might Join ‘The X Factor’ As A Judge, We Might Die From Excitement

Guys. GUYS. According to some legit sources, word on the street is that Britney Spears might join "The X Factor" as a judge. Another word on the street is we seriously might suffer from cardiac arrest! Not only will this boost "X Factor"'s ratings by like, one hundred thousand million billion, but we think this is the absolute next best step for Britney after rumors of her taking the year off surfaced/made us call in sick to work with depression. Also, have you seen her these days? Never looked better, IMHO.

"The X Factor" needs a judge who's found success and longevity in the music industry and can offer contestants real-world industry advice. Um, HELLLLLOOOOO, we're pretty sure Brit has a ton to say about that (read: her entire Wikipedia page). Also, this "X Factor" gig would be the perfect part-time job -- she can still be a pop princess and a stay-at-home mommy during her downtime! Plus, the thought of turning on our TV every week and seeing Britney Spears not only sit there and be flawless but also like, speak and give career advice?! NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW.

Imagine the bragging rights the person who wins that season of "X Factor" will have for the rest of their life! "Yeah, I won the season that Britney Spears was a judge on. NBD." Best dinner party story of all time.

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