Buzzworthy Exclusive: Motion City Soundtrack Talk The Many Meanings Of Their New Album, ‘Go’ (VIDEO)

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack is ready to 'Go' places.

It's no surprise that the boys of Motion City Soundtrack have a thing for acceleration -- the band's curated singles series is dubbed "Making Moves," after all. But when it comes to their new album title, Go, the quintet says the word has several meanings. "I kind of realized the word 'Go,' in and of itself -- there's a duality to it. And with the songs on this album, it's kind of like you can look at it two different ways depending on your mood," Justin Pierre explains in our exclusive video interview. "'Go' can mean to leave, to give up, to give in, die, basically, or 'Go' can mean to choose life, to live, to experience, to exist."

Watch Motion City Soundtrack chat Go after the jump, and catch them at Bamboozle this weekend.

Food for thought! The band proved their philosophy cred back when Pierre told us he was a "big fan of the Dalai Lama," so we're going to ponder those words as we wait for the album to land on June 12. Go is due on Epitaph and the band's own Boombox Generation label, with the group bringing the new songs on the road now: they'll join bands including the Foo Fighters, Skrillex and My Chemical Romance at the Bamboozle festival in Asbury Park this weekend. Bring earplugs for your earplugs.

New Jersey's not far from the group's Minneapolis home base, but Motion City Soundtrack's world traveling also played a big role in the new album. One country in particular helped influence the title, but you'll have to watch the video to find out. Buzzworthy: stopping spoilers since 2012.

+ Watch Motion City Soundtrack weigh in on Go, and check 'em out at Bamboozle this weekend.

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