Check Out The New SINGING One Direction Dolls, JUST In Time For Valentine’s Day! (PHOTOS)

Now you can own a singing One Direction doll. Dreams do come true!

Sure, you could buy a One Direction doll (or all five). But if you had your wits about you, you'd buy these BRAND-NEW SINGING One Direction dolls, which were just unveiled at Toy Fair in NYC. OK, so they technically aren't available till spring (unless anybody wants to stage a toy fair break-in with me), but luckily these too-cute-for-anything 1D doll photographs should hold us over till then. (Also, why is waiting hard? Did we mention that the dolls SING?!)

Check out more photos of the new One Direction dolls after the jump!

Mini-Zayn Malik will serenade you on Valentine's Day!

Of course getting merchandised isn't anything new for the "Kiss You" singers. The guys got their own freaking pop-up shop in New York's Times Square over the holidays! And in case you're like, "but I don't have any room left in my One Direction shrine!" -- no sweat! Toy Fair also unveiled some new 1D-themed puzzles and board games. (Oh wait, that doesn't exactly solve your problem.)

Anyway, if you REALLY can't wait till the new dolls arrive on shelves, here's a creative 1D Valentine's Day craft idea to distract you: Print and cut these images out, glue them to Popsicle sticks, and act out a play version of 1D's upcoming 3-D movie. Hey, if Miley Cyrus can spoon a giant Harry Styles cutout in bed, we can do our own DIY thing without feeling ANY shame -- DEAL!?

+ Check out more photos of the new One Direction dolls, and watch the official One Direction 3-D movie trailer.

Photo credit: Hasbro

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