Cher Lloyd And T.I. Ask For A Magic Genie In Their New Song, ‘I Wish’

Cher Lloyd and T.I. preview their collaboration "I Wish."

Listen to the full version of Cher Lloyd's "I Wish" featuring T.I.

Yesterday, Cher Lloyd released a painfully short Instagram preview of her new track, "I Wish" featuring  T.I. Was it a gigantic tease? Well, kinda, yeah. We barely heard any lyrics, and T.I. was completely MIA from the entire thing! Until now, that is, because Cher and T.I.'s hotly anticipated "I Wish" has surfaced a whole day early! #Praise!

Listen to Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s "I Wish" after the jump.

Originally set to premiere tomorrow via Romeo's Saturday Night online program, the first single off the "It's All Good" singer's upcoming sophomore album features bright and sparkling pop production with just a tad more street cred, courtesy of resident hip-hop artist T.I.

As the horn-laden, bouncy track plays in the background, Cher sings about the one thing we ALL wish we had in our pocket -- an effing magic genie to grant us unlimited wishes: "Bound to pick up the telephone/ Got to call my genie so he knows/ I wish I was a star/ I wish I was fast/ I wish I could show up with a bag full of cash." (WE DO TOO #$$$$$) T.I.'s up next, and essentially asserts that he's so damn flush, he could be any lady's own personal genie: "I'm not sure what kinda fella you like/ But I could get you paradise/ I bet however you like."

Anyway, "I Wish" has left us with just have one question: What the EFF is Cher talking about? We're pretty sure she already IS a star, is "fast" (she's a tiny person, therefore must be able to run quickly), and that bag of cash? That shouldn't be a problem for a massive celeb either! Whatever, we'll grant Cher some creative license here, but if anyone needs a damn Genie, it's us! (Specifically for those new Louboutins with the spikes AND the clear sides that are sold out in every state.)

+ Listen to Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s "I Wish."

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