Christina Aguilera Swings A Baseball Bat On Her ‘Your Body’ Video Set, And We’ll Never Tire Of The Photos

Christina Aguilera prepares to smash a bunch of stuff on the set of her "Your Body" video.

Christina Aguilera basically killed us (in a good way) when her soon-t0-be-legendary single "Your Body" surfaced, and now we've summoned just about enough energy to basically die again after looking at some ah-ma-zing stills from the song's video shoot.

Decked out in a skintight dress (what else is new??), Xtina looks like she's about to go "Before He Cheats"-style HAM on some unlucky vehicle (or perhaps some unlucky fellow?) who may have done her wrong. We think she could also eff him up with those spiky pink stilettos, but a baseball bat works just fine.

(Total side note, but do you see that form? The "Not Myself Tonight" chanteuse is holding the bat in just the right position to achieve maximum damage. WERQUE, l'il lady!)

"Your Body" is the lead single off Aguilera's next record, and we have no doubt it'll smash up the charts. (Get it? Smashing? Baseball bats? Too easy, but I had to.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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