Christina Aguilera Was Not Amused At The 2012 American Music Awards (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera was not amused at the 2012 AMAs.

We're sure that Christina Aguilera must've had a good time at the 2012 American Music Awards between performing a medley of  “Lotus (Intro),” “Army of Me,” and “Let There Be Love," not to mention joining Pitbull onstage for "Don't Stop The Party" and making friends with Nicki Minaj, but we're NOT sure you would know it by looking at her arrival to the red carpet. (Maybe she hit traffic on the way over? A bad commute always puts ME in a sour mood.)

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Walking into the show in a white-purple dress and Snooki-inspired tan, Xtina looked like she may have had had a thing or two on her mind (and a scowl on her face). Why so sad, Xtina? You're sitting on top of the world! Not only is Lotus officially out, but you're swimming in singles at the moment (we're still dancing all across the office to "Your Body," yes, even at this hour), you have an adorable son, and are the nation's vocal mentor on "The Voice"! Things are looking up, girl! Now please feel free to go crazy at whatever amazing afterparty the AMAs have organized -- you've earned it!

She's still not amused.

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