‘Dallas’ Reboot: Five Burning Questions

Wednesday night's series premiere left us wondering everything but who shot J.R.
By Kara Warner

Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson in "Dallas"

How about that highly entertaining return to "Dallas" Wednesday night (June 13)? TNT's reboot of the iconic '80s hit struck a chord with viewers, 6,863,000 of them to be exact, which made it the #1 scripted series premiere on all of cable so far this year.

Now that we've seen the first extended episode and been properly introduced to the new young castmembers, it's time to throw out a few burning questions we hope to have answered over the course of season one.

Whose Side Is Marta On?
Despite the aggressive scheming set up by the male characters on the show, the biggest surprise in the series premiere was in the reveal of the bait-and-switchery by Marta Del Sol (played by Leonor Varela). She's "working" for both sides of the Ewing family, or is she? J.R. told his son that he's known her for years and that she'll be the key to taking Soutfork from brother Bobby, and then we see John Ross and Marta having their own not-at-all-inconspicuous meeting on the 50-yard line of Dallas stadium. So who is Marta really working for? Bobby, J.R. or John Ross?

How Soon Will Christopher and Elena Rekindle Their Romance?
Clearly the love still burns between Christopher and Elena. We didn't even need that heated scene re-hashing the abrupt end to their too-recent engagement to know that their flame has yet to be extinguished. So what now? If John Ross is responsible for sending the email that ended their relationship, there are trying times ahead, no matter the fact that Christopher just married his second love, Rebecca. We're predicting to see a kiss between Christopher and Elena by episode three or four.

Who's Responsible for the Burglaries?
Over the course of this first extended episode there were two burglaries, one at Christopher's office and another at Bobby's home. Was it John Ross? J.R.? It's certainly easy to blame John Ross, since he is so obviously adept at manipulation and acquiring confidential information. And J.R. has no qualms about robbing his brother, but why make such a big show of it? And if it wasn't the J.R.'s, who did it and how will they use whatever was taken against their targets?

How Serious Are J.R. and Bobby's Illnesses?
Come on now, we just got the original Ewing boys back on the air and they both have life-threatening illnesses to deal with? Sure, it's realistic that Bobby and J.R. are dealing with cancer or perhaps other age-related ailments, but we cannot have their lives hanging in the balance of this first season, at least not due to medical reasons. We'll take a good ol' bounty on their heads or something appropriately more dramatic. In the meantime, how long will J.R. and Bobby be dealing with these problems?

Is John Ross Inherently Good or Evil?
All signs currently point toward evil, given the fact that John Ross is likely the reason for the end of Christopher and Elena's engagement, along with the burglary at Christopher's office. Not only that, but he wants to wrestle Southfork away from his own flesh and blood and defy the wishes of his beloved grandmother. According to actor Josh Henderson, who plays John Ross, the troublesome young lad is going to be walking a fine line all season.

"It's funny people keep asking, 'Who's good and who's bad?' " Henderson laughed. "We'll have to see. I follow in my father's footsteps basically, a little bit. Now how that describes my character we'll see, but it's definitely a lot of fun."

What burning questions do you have after the "Dallas" premiere? Leave your comment below!

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