‘Dark Knight Rises’ Soundtrack Preview Hints At Epic Conclusion

Hans Zimmer's score, available July 17, has familiar elements of triumph and darkness.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Christian Bale in 'Dark Knight Rises'
Photo: Warner Bros.

Almost as intrinsic to the look and feel of "The Dark Knight" trilogy as Wally Pfister's cinematography, Hans Zimmer's score has backed the most memorable moments of 's Batman films. With the final film of the series quickly approaching, it's only appropriate that Zimmer's music be there for the farewell.

Thanks to Amazon.com's preorder site for the soundtrack, fans can now get brief previews of what to expect from the score of "The Dark Knight Rises."

All the usual hallmarks of Zimmer's previous scores for Nolan's Batman films are present, even in the previews. The first track, "A Storm Is Coming," begins with the same swoosh that usually plays behind the Warner Bros. logo, except this time, the music falls into a marching rhythm, perhaps foreshadowing the army headed for Gotham.

Similarly, the album's final track, "Rise," begins with Zimmer's more triumphant Batman theme, but then it quickly shifts to music reminiscent of "Eptesicus" from Zimmer and James Newton Howard's "" score, the music that played during the death of Bruce Wayne's parents.

For his final score of the series, Zimmer tried something unprecedented. The composer called out for fans from all over the world to record themselves chanting. The voices were then layered on top of each other to create the effect of an enormous unified force. The chanting has already appeared in several clips and teasers from the film, including the six-minute prologue that played in front of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol."

The full-length soundtrack for "The Dark Knight Rises" is set to hit stores on July 17, three days before the film's release.

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