‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer: Batman Isn’t Afraid, He’s Angry

Bane disturbs, Catwoman flips out and other key scenes from new clip.
By Kevin P. Sullivan and Josh Wigler

Tom Hardy as Bane in 'Dark Knight Rises'
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

With "The Dark Knight Rises" so close and scalpers asking for upwards of $150 for tickets, anticipation for the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy just reached a fever pitch, and now a new trailer has debuted on a Nokia mobile app, showing off new footage and effectively pushing us past our maximum capacity for excitement.

Warning: The article contains minor spoilers.

Here are five key scenes from the new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer:

An Army Rising
It was never a secret that Bane intended to amass an army once he reached Gotham City, since most of the ad campaigns have focused on the final, epic battle between the mercenaries and the police. The new shot featured in the trailer, however, showing a full-fledged army storming the streets of Gotham, gives a better sense of the scale of the uprising. This is going to be a war — not just a big fist fight. Bane actually does have an army at his command, and they're sacking Gotham, as another villainous group had once discussed doing.

'I'm Not Afraid. I'm Angry.'
In the last trailer, Selina Kyle suggested that John Blake should be as afraid of Bane as she is. Bruce, on the other hand, is not taking her advice. With so much of the promotional material focusing on what's new to "The Dark Knight Rises," Batman gets a little lost in the shuffle. This single line gives us an interesting insight into the mind of Bruce, something that has pretty much remained a mystery. Bane blows stuff up, and Selina Kyle steals things, but what's going on with the Batman?

'Mr. Wayne'
Given that Bane has been seen parading around with Batman's shattered mask in his hands in numerous teasers and trailers gone by, it makes sense that the venom-fueled terrorist would eventually learn the Caped Crusader's secret identity. Still, hearing Bane utter the words "Mr. Wayne" accomplishes the goal of sending shivers directly down the viewers' spine. This monstrosity of a man knows Bruce's greatest secret, and he'll wield that information with the same painful precision we assume he'll bring down upon our hero's back later in the film.

Catwoman Flips
This might not be so relevant to the story, but Selina Kyle does a backflip ... out of sight ... in a maid's outfit. In the battle to make Anne Hathaway's Catwoman a more imposing and badass character, the backflip certainly helps her case. She's come a long way since the day when the Internet openly mocked her costume design. Now she's fighting alongside Batman, stealing Ferraris and backflipping in a maid's outfit. Touché, Catwoman. Touché.

Laughter's Worth a Penny
"Don't worry, Master Wayne. It takes a little time to get back into the swing of things," loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth cheerfully tells Bruce, whose car has just been lifted by Selina Kyle, at the trailer's conclusion. A lot has changed in Gotham City in the years since "The Dark Knight," but it's nice to see that some things nev-ah change, like Michael Caine's bubbly British disposition. With all the darkness shrouding "Rises," it's comforting that Caine is still here to shine some light on the proceedings.

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