Deadpool – Presidential Primaries: Lincoln

Deadpool - Presidential Primaries: Lincoln

Deadpool #4 variant cover by Tradd Moore

By Alex Zalben

Can Deadpool stand up to his tallest order yet against undead President Abraham Lincoln? Well, ready or not, the 16th President of the United States will be gunning for the Merc With a Mouth in DEADPOOL #4 on January 16.

To handicap the fracas, we talked to amateur fight announcers—and the writing team behind the book—Brian “Hosin’*” Posehn and Gerry “Berry**” Duggan…

*…Down the ring because there’s so much blood in it after a fight.

**Because berries are the color of blood. How many more issues do we have for making up these nicknames? Two more. Oh boy.


Brian Posehn: “Something that rhymes with emancipator.”


Gerry Duggan: “Nothing rhymes with emancipator.”

Brian Posehn: “Dammit.” See you later?

Brian Posehn: “See you later, emancipator!”


Gerry Duggan: “Lincoln can really take a shot. And he’s got reach too.”

Brian Posehn: “He’s the people’s fighter. He’s one of the most beloved Presidents. It’s gonna be hard to beat someone who’s so well liked.”

Deadpool #3 preview art by Tony Moore


Gerry Duggan: “Been in the ground a long time.” 

What baggage does Lincoln bring to this fight? What’s his history, and what should we be looking for?

Gerry Duggan: “This is going to be the most accurate representation of Abraham Lincoln. No offense to Daniel Day Lewis’ wonderful performance in the Spielberg movie. Lincoln can take a shot, he’s got the reach, and he’s the crowd favorite. Deadpool goes in as the underdog and really the spoiler. Lincoln is so beloved that Deadpool would go in as the bad guy in this one.”

What’s Deadpool got to do to win? What's his ideal strategy here, and what's going to hold him back?

Brian Posehn: “Get the crowd on his side. Go for the head.”

Gerry Duggan: “Emancipate Lincoln’s brain. He has to put in a signature performance.”

Odds of Winning

Brian Posehn: [“Lincoln is] in issue #4 and there are six issues, so they’re probably not very good odds that he’ll win.”

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