Demi Lovato Even Looks Cute When She’s Sleepy! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato gets cozy after a busy day of filming "The X Factor."

Is anyone else as surprised as we are that Demi Lovato has time to sleep? We know she HAS to rest, but in between her gig on "The X Factor," singing the national anthem at the World Series, polishing her awards (like her Moonman!), saving the world with an anti-bullying campaign, and always being super fashion forward, when does she find time to sneak in some shut-eye? We're exhausted just writing about her schedule! Also, Demi is SO cute when she's sleepy, obvs. (Perk #1,428 of being a pop star: You don't get bags under eyes when you're exhausted -- it's in the "Famous People Win At Everything" handbook.)

The "Give Your Heart A Break" singer shared the very adorbz "good night" photo on her Twitter along with the caption, "What a great first week of live shows. I'm pooped. Goodnight everybody -- thanks for watching!!" It has to be exhausting being that cute on live television, but she's been doing (and looking) great so far! Hey -- we have an AWESOME idea: Can Demi tweet out sweet messages and photos like this every night before she goes to bed? It would be like we're having virtual sleepovers! (And we could study up on how to look perfect even when we're exhausted. Because right out -- it's all blotchy skin all the time.)

Photo credit: @ddlovato

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