Diggy Talks Crazy Fans, His Rihanna Crush, And Kanye’s Co-sign (VIDEO)

Diggy shares his craziest fan story and his crush on Rihanna!

Boyfriend alert! Diggy, the most adorable rapper this side of 18 stopped by Buzzworthy recently, and we got to ask him a whole bunch of questions. And unsurprisingly, the "Do It Like You" dude was nothing but totally polite and super professional. Our meeting definitely had me wishing guys my age had even half the maturity of Diggy, but alas. "Save it for your LiveJournal," as the old saying goes.

Watch Diggy's Buzzworthy interview to find out about crazy fans, celeb crushes, Kanye and more after the jump.

Just because Diggy's young doesn't mean he's not on his grind. We already mentioned his IRL maturity level, but hello -- Kanye West himself co-signed him, and Diggy doesn't mind the go-ahead one bit. "When Kanye stamped me, that was a crazy moment for sure. Kanye is someone who inspires me a whole lot musically and just the way he is creatively. That felt like a milestone for me." Um, hi, adorably humble understatement.

Diggy also opened up about crazy fans (one time a girl jumped on his back, NBD), his new album, Unexpected Arrival, and celebrity crushes. And sorry, ladies, but you kind of have a big name to live up to: Rihanna. Diggy says, "It's like just... Rihanna. She just... you know... does her." Rihanna left Diggy basically speechless, y'all. We don't blame him.

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