Disney Plus Hits 103 Million Subscribers

The Disney+ streaming service closed its second fiscal quarter of 2021--which ended on April 3 for Disney--with 103.6 million subscribers. This number is up from 33.5 million in March 2020, according to a recent release from Disney.

These numbers also include Disney+ Hotstar subscription numbers, which launched in India on April 3, 2020 and in Indonesia on September 5, 2020. Comparatively, Netflix recently hit 208 million, Amazon Prime has 200 million, HBO Max has 44 million, and Peacock has 42 million. While 103.6 million may seem like great growth for Disney+, it's lower than what analysts predicted, which was 110 million subscribers.

Disney+ original series WandaVision
Disney+ original series WandaVision

The Disney-owned Hulu grew 33% between March 2020 and 2021. Hulu now sits at 37.8 million subscribers for the streaming service. The Hulu + Live TV dropped from 4 million (as of January 2) to 3.8 million, a decline that comes after the service raised its prices back in November.

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