Do These Selena Gomez Shirts Come In Our Size? (PHOTO)

We want  these Selena Gomez fan T-shirts, STAT.

If we showed up to meet Selena Gomez sporting a "Forget Justin & Marry Me" T-shirt, we'd probably come off just a bit creepy. But these two little guys are a completely different story! Can we all take a second and applaud the next generation for using witty accessories to score access to famous peeps? We're not worried for the future one bit (JK).

The "Love You Like A Love Song" singer was snapped in this hilarz photo during her Selena Gomez fragrance launch, then shared it on Facebook along with the caption, "LOL #selenagomezperfume." We're not sure what we're more jealous of: the fact that these little bros scored an invite to the star-studded event and we didn't, or that they came up with a slogan we've been debating getting a tattoo of putting on a T-shirt first.

But we fully support these youngsters and placed an order for 365 tees from the little guys -- one to wear every single day of the year in the hopes that Selena comes to her senses and chooses us. It's always good to have realistic goals, guys.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Facebook

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