Doom 3: BFG Edition releases October 16

Revamped edition of id Software shooter, expansion, and new content coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 for $40 and PC for $30.


Space marines who look forward to seeing what they're shooting in Doom 3: BFG Edition will need to wait until its release on October 16, Bethesda announced today.

The BFG Edition includes remastered versions of the 2004 first-person shooter, its 2005 expansion Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission, a new seven-mission pack. It also contains the original Doom and Doom II games, frequently cited as progenitors of the FPS genre. Doom 3 and its expansion will receive a high-definition face-lift with new lighting and rendering as well as stereoscopic 3D support, 5.1 surround sound, and achievements and trophies for their respective consoles.

The gameplay will also receive changes in the form of a new checkpoint system and an armor-mounted flashlight, allowing players to operate weaponry while simultaneously illuminating Doom 3's darkened environments. The previous version required players to shift back and forth between the handheld flashlight's visual awareness and the much heftier firepower of Doom's diverse arsenal--inspiring a "duct tape mod" to give players the best of both worlds.

The package is set at $40 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and $30 for the PC. For more on the original Doom 3, check out GameSpot's 2004 review.

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