Double Fine reveals Middle Manager of Justice

Superheroic bureaucrat sim coming to iOS from makers of Trenched, Psychonauts; three-game deal announced with investor Dracogen Inc.

Behind every great hero, there is middle management. At least, that's the idea behind Double Fine's new game, Middle Manager of Justice. The studio unveiled the free-to-play game coming soon to iOS with a promotional trailer (embedded below) and website.

Middle Manager of Justice casts players not as superheroes, but instead as the business manager responsible for keeping said caped crusaders in crime-fighting shape. Players choose how to increase efficiency by hiring heroes, upgrading office facilities, and researching new abilities. Their leadership is then tested in battles between heroic employees and villains.

The game's creator Kee Chi said on his Twitter account the game will launch within a few weeks in Canada, then soon after everywhere else.

Middle Manager of Justice is the first of a three-game partnership between Double Fine and Dracogen Inc. Dracogen founder Steve Dengler previously funded Double Fine's efforts to bring Psychonauts and Costume Quest to Mac and PC, respectively.

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