Download Night Shining’s ‘Walls,’ Featured In MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 2 Behind-The-Scenes Video

If you guys haven't heard by now, the "Teen Wolf" Season 2 trailer is streaming, and it's pretty intense. There's like, blood and supernatural stuff everywhere. There's even interpersonal relationship drama -- the scariest part!

But the best part might not be in the trailer -- we're actually obsessed with the cool-creepy song that's in this "Teen Wolf" Season 2 behind-the-scenes video. It's titled "Walls," by Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Night Shining, who self-produces, records, performs and writes all of his own stuff. His eerie blend of electronic and acoustic elements make for the perfect backdrop for a show like "Teen Wolf." And also, your iPod! Yay, free music!

+ Download a free copy of Night Shining's "Walls," and check out the "Teen Wolf" Season 2 behind-the-scenes video and "Teen Wolf" Season 2 trailer after the jump. With 5 million views of the trailer, the first 10 minutes of Season 2 will be unlocked. Get to clickin'!

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