Dragon Quest 11 Revealed For PS4 and Nintendo 3DS

Square Enix has officially announced the eleventh entry in the Dragon Quest series for release on Sony's PlayStation 4, Nintendo's 3DS, and Nintendo NX.

The announcement was made during a special livestream, where it was also revealed that the PS4 version will be built on Unreal Engine 4.

The Nintendo 3DS version, meanwhile, seems to be developed in collaboration with a third-party studio. Interestingly, the 3DS version displays the game in a modern visual style akin to the Nintendo DS entries in the series, while the bottom screen takes a top-down visual style reminiscent of earlier NES entries. The presentation of the battles will also be styled appropriately to match the two visual styles.

Since the stream was hosted in Japanese, specifics on both versions game are unavailable for now, however, Square Enix is expected to provide more information soon. GameSpot will provide an update as soon as it is available.

During the stream, Square Enix also announced Dragon Quest X, a massively multiplayer online RPG entry in the series, will be released for PlayStation 4. The game was previously only available for Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

Although Square Enix confirmed Dragon Quest XI and Dragon Quest X will be released on Nintendo NX, it did not provide any specific details on those versions of the game.

Take a look at some screenshots of the game below. It is worth noting that these were captured from the stream itself.

Click image to view in full screen2912164-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+09.56.2912165-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.01.2912166-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.01.2912167-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.02.2912168-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.02.2912169-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.03.2912170-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.03.2912171-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.03.2912172-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.03.2912173-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.04.2912174-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.04.2912175-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.05.2912176-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.05.2912177-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.06.2912178-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.06.2912179-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.07.2912180-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.08.2912181-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.08.2912182-screen+shot+2015-07-28+at+10.12.

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