EA Access Is Coming To Steam, More EA Games Released On The Store

EA's subscription service, EA Access, is officially making its way to Steam. The news coincides with the release of a handful of new EA-published games on the service, although some of its heaviest hitters--Apex Legends, FIFA 20, Battlefield V, and so on--remain Origin-only on PC.

Notably, the service on Steam will be called EA Access, mimicking the naming convention used for the Xbox One and PS4 versions. PC already has its own version of EA Access, dubbed Origin Access, that operates through the EA-run Origin store.

Origin Access has expanded since its initial launch to offer two versions: Basic and Premier. Basic functions much like EA Access on consoles, offering 10-hour trials to upcoming games, unlimited access to a selection of games in the Vault, and discounts on Origin purchases. Premier, meanwhile, adds in full access to brand-new games.

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