EA Just Had Its Best Year Ever For Revenue, As Digital Game Sales Surge During Pandemic

Electronic Arts reported earnings for its latest fiscal year on Tuesday, and it was a lot of good news for the publisher. The company posted new records for revenue and net bookings dating back to the company's founding 38 years ago in 1982.

Total revenue for the year that ended March 31 was $5.629 billion, which was up from $5.537 billion during the previous fiscal year. EA posted a profit of $837 million for the period, which compares to a profit of $3 billion last year--though that period benefitted from a one-off tax benefits program. For the fourth quarter alone, however, revenue dropped.

Net bookings, which EA defines as the total amount of products and services sold digitally or psychically by adding net revenue to the change in deferred net revenue for online games, reached $6.190 billion. That figure was up 15% year-over-year and it was more than $600 million more than EA originally expected. $4.06 billion of net bookings came from "live services," which means microtransactions.

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