EA manager calls Black Ops II ‘tired’

Global product manager Kevin O'Leary belittles Activision's just-announced Call of Duty game, suggesting yearly release cycle not ideal.


Activision formally took the wraps off Call of Duty: Black Ops II last night, giving fans a first glimpse at this year's new series entry. Not everyone is excited about the game, as Electronic Arts global product manager Kevin O'Leary took to Twitter today to belittle the title.

"Poor [Black Ops II], you look tired, you should take a year off and rest," he wrote.

O'Leary did not provide a rationale as to why he finds the game to appear in need of rest, and as of press time, he had not dispatched a follow-up tweet.

EA will ship a new shooter three weeks ahead of Black Ops II this October in the form of the multiplatform Medal of Honor: Warfighter. That game is a sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor reboot, which received a warm critical reception and shipped more than 5 million copies.

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