Eve Is Still Looking Fly As F***, In Case You Were Wondering (PHOTO)

Yep. Eve's still got it.

Oh hai, Eve! It's been a minute since we've heard from you, but DAYUM, girl, you're still bringing the heat. Though we reeeeally wish Eve would come out with some new songs (hat tip to that Anjulie "Brand New Bitch" remix, and that guest spot in Lil Kim's New York City show last month, though), we'll take whatever we can get from her, which currently is in the form of a feature in an upcoming documentary.

Reebok Classics and Complex have partnered for a few mini documentaries featuring artists who are true "Classics." The series will outline intriguing stories of what it took for each artist to become a "Classic" and include intimate live performances from each artist. As in, Eve doing music! HELL YES. Also, why is anyone wondering what it takes for Eve to be a classic -- because look at her. Eve is on some Jackie O caliber ish, stunning in some behind-the-scenes shots taken in Philadelphia while roaming her old stomping grounds. Tyra-approved gait, for sure.

Eve's documentary will premiere online in early June but until then, we'll just gawk at these photos for a while/pray for some new Eve music while we watch Eve on VH1's "Single Ladies"  this Monday, June 4.

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