EVERYBODY Crowd Surfed At The 2012 MTV VMAs! (PHOTOS)

2012 MTV VMA host Kevin Hart dives face first into the crowd!

We knew the 2012 MTV VMAs were gonna be insane, but we had no idea that the level of badass-ery would surpass even our wildest dreams! Meaning Taylor Swift crowd-surfed! Yes, you heard me right. Taylor Swift, the she of sweetness and sundresses, Taylor who plays dress-up AND fetch with her cat, bodysurfed over a crowd of completely SHOCKED VMA audience members! And though Taylor Swift's jump may have been the most surprising, she wasn't the only one to fling her body across a sea of strangers. In fact, we'd venture to say that crowd surfing was totally, like, a "thing" at the VMAs.

As VMA host, we suppose it was Kevin Hart's civic duty to jump-start the crowd-surfing train, but we had zero clue so many other famous peeps would go totally HAM on the VMA audience. Lil Wayne had his crowd-surfing moment via a totally baller sideways jump into the crowd, while Taylor Swift opted for a more demure, backstroke position. But again, we repeat: TAYLOR SWIFT crowd surfed! In case you passed out when I mentioned it the first time.

Taylor Swift does the backstroke in a sea of VMA audience members.

Lil' Wayne stage dives butt-first. But obviously though, right?

One more pic of Kevin Hart crowd surfing. Just for fun!

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Credit all photos: Getty Images

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