Flo Rida Remixes Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been’ And It Works!

Flo Rida puts his own spin on Rihanna's 'Where Have You Been.'

Admittedly, we were kind of worried when we heard Flo Rida decided to remix Rihanna's dance anthem "Where Have You Been." Muscle-y rapper meets an always-naked popstar? We weren't sure. But we're actually pretty into Flo's take on Rihanna's tune, and may even consider adding it to our gym mix. (Around these parts, that's basically like awarding the song our own personal Grammy.)

Listen to Flo Rida's remix of Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" after the jump. 

In Flo's "Where Have You Been" remix, he trades lines with Rihanna while adding a dose of testosterone to the original version. Read: who knew Flo's singing voice had such a bad-ass, manly quality? Ri and Flo come together for some quality duet time on the chorus, and Flo Rida ad libs the whole way though: "All around the world/ Put your body on me, girl.../ Shorty make it move to the right, to the left, up, down." So, did we really need another Rihanna remix? Absolutely not. But is this remix dope? Absolutely yes.

Listen to Flo Rida's remix of Rihanna's "Where Have You Been." 

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