Fortnite Batman Tie-In Comic May Hint At Samus Cameo

A small background shape in a recent Batman comic book has Fortnite fans speculating that Nintendo's Samus Aran is on the way to the game. Yes, that's a real sentence in this, the year 2021.

For some background, the comic Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point has the caped crusader pulled into the world of Fortnite, where the character recently made a cameo as a playable character in a crossover event.

GamesRadar reports that on page 12 of the comic, as Batman rides atop a car careening off of a cliff--you know, Batman stuff--the background shows a few silhouetted characters. The third one, seen on the right, has two very rounded shoulders, which some eagle-eyed fans have concluded belongs to the Metroid heroine.

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