Four Horsemen Raven Kickstarter Orders Are Now Shipping!

This official update from the Four Horsemen about their Gothitropolis Ravens Action Figure Kickstarter was posted today on their social media pages:


We shipped out 200 Gothitropolis: Ravens Kickstarter orders yesterday via FedEx SmartPost, and we should be able to ship out another 300 or so orders today. We’re expecting to have all of the Kickstarter orders shipped out by mid-week next week, and then the shipping for all of the Store Horsemen Gothitropolis: Ravens orders will begin.

We’ll continue to post updates on the shipping of these figures and get the figures out to you all ASAP, so please don’t overload our email inbox asking us when they’ll arrive. We have such a large volume of orders to fulfill right now that there’s no way we can accurately predict when a particular order will be shipped, or when it will arrive to our customers. Thanks again for all of your patience and support.



Yesterday they posted this update to their Kickstarter backers about being careful with the figures when you first open them:


WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR SHIPMENT OF GOTHITROPOLIS: RAVENS FIGURES, PLEASE BE CAREFUL BENDING ANY OF THE FIGURE’S JOINTS FOR THE FIRST TIME – Before forcing any joint to bend for the first time, please use care and possibly even heat up the joint with a blow dryer for a few seconds (a quick dip in hot water also works). The warmth will loosen the joint which will allow the brand new factory fresh joint free movement. Failure to follow these directions could result in damage to your Gothitropolis: Ravens figures. If needed, re-heat any stiff joints until they reach the desired level of flexibility.

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